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Life in October

I'm the type of girl who appreciates long walks, little things in life and memorable conversations. Bright colors brighten my day. Laughter can change my mood very quickly. I can notice little things about people, but big things, not so much. There's lots of negatives about me, but nobody's perfect and I'm trying to embrace my positives. I cross my eyes a lot, but I don't know I'm doing it half the time. I'm original and I wish there was a boy who could do all these random things with me. There's some things in life that I would like to accomplish: High school, write a book of poems, become a photographer and make myself happy no matter where I am. I'm self-conscious and always looking down on myself. I love to make people feel good and I love it when they do the same to me. I'm so sick of how people change and I want things to be normal again. I've done things that I know I shouldn't, but do it anyways. My eyes are probably the biggest things you've ever seen. I love star gazing and watching clouds move. I'm not an emotional person and there's random things about me that make me unlike any other. Photography amazes me. I constantly wish it was raining. I look on the bright side of everything and my days are never ruined. Even if I say I'm mad, I'm not. I tell the most random stories and I tend to be quiet sometimes. Nothing in my life seems right at this point in time. There are only a few people in my life that I can rely on, but thats all I need.